The Game Plan: What To Watch This Week

A guide on what and when to watch this week!


The Golden State Warriors are up 2-0. Can LeBron and co. come back on their home court?

Monday, June 4 @9:00 PM EST

Game 3: NBA Finals (ABC)

Monday, June 8 @9:00 PM EST

Game 4: NBA Finals (ABC)


Things are exciting in the WNBA. Have you caught a game? If so, tell us about it in the comments!

Tuesday, June 5 @11:00 AM EST (Twitter)

Mercury @ Liberty

Tuesday, June 5 @8:00 PM EST

Sun @ Dream

Thursday, June 7 @4:00 PM EST

Lynx @ Mystics

Thursday, June 7 @7:00 PM EST

Sun @ Liberty

Thursday, June 7 @10:30 PM EST (ESPN 2)

Storm @ Sparks

Friday, June 8 @3:00 PM EST

Dream @ Aces

Friday, June 8 @7:00 PM EST

Wings @ Fever

Friday, June 8 @10:00 PM EST

Sky @ Mercury

Saturday, June 9 @2:00 PM EST

Lynx @ Sun


As of right now, Washington us up 2-1. Don’t give up, GVK fans. Do not give up!

Monday, June 4 @8:00 PM EST (NBC)

Game 4: Stanley Cup Finals

Wednesday, June 6 @9:00 PM EST (NBC)

Game 6: Stanley Cup Finals

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